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We have decorator fabric swatches, lace trim yardage, and leather swatches available at no charge for upcycling into new & fabulous creations!  Please contact us at or so we can make arrangements to get the fabric to you!  


The discontinued fabric samples & trims are from local businesses and distributors.  Much of this previously went into landfills.  Please help conserve resources & pave the way for a more sustainable fabric footprint.

Please send us PHOTOS of your creations so we can show everyone the next step in the fabric's journey.  

Thank you!


Dec Swatches Projects.jpg

Vanguard Home Dec Fabric Swatches:  13" x 26"

All Projects:  Remove labels from swatch.  Cut off velcro.


Clockwise, from upper left:

Shoe bag:  Cut two pieces 13" w x 15-1/2" h .  Stitch bottom and sides to within 3 inches from top.  Finish top edges and turn under to form casing; stitch.  Add two 18" drawstrings.

Tote with square bottom:  Use entire 13" x 26" swatch.  Sew side seams together, box bottom corners.  Turn top edge under 1" and add two 18" straps for handles.

Critter pillow:  Create  pattern on 13 X 13" paper square.  Cut two pieces from fabric.  Cut features from felt and sew on. Place wrong sides together and stitch around,  leaving opening in bottom for stuffing.  Stuff and hand stitch opening.  Weight may be added to bottom.

Tote Bag:  Fold 13" x 26" swatch  in half crosswise and stitch sides together.  Finish top edge and turn under 1-1/4".  Attach two 18" straps for handles.


Large Reusable Grocery Tote  


We made and donated a number of these to a local food bank for deliveries.   Use four coordinating upholstery fabric samples and cut pieces using the dimensions noted below.

Click here for pattern and directions.  

To use four coordinating upholstery samples, follow basic  instructions but cut pieces as follows:  

Cut two -  13" x 18"  (front and back bodies)

Cut two -  8.5" x 14" inches (sides)

Cut two -  4.5" x 20" (straps)

(You can get one side and one strap from each upholstery piece)



Drawstring Backpack.jpg

Drawstring Backpack

For cutting & sewing instructions click on link -  Drawstring Backpack.

Back Pillows

Cut 2 pieces 24" w x 12" h, or to fit.  Place right sides together, stitch, leaving an opening in the center of the lower edge.  Turn, stuff, and hand stitch opening.

Porch Pillows.jpg

Happy Mother's Day from Snyder H.S. Scholars!

Other Project Ideas - Please Send Yours In!

Bow Tie Swatch.jpg

Bow Ties

Allaire Zippered Pouch - Front.JPEG

Zippered Pouch with Pocket

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