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Friends Policy


Policy for “Friends of the NJ Chapter”, adopted January 25, 2018:


1.  “Friends” shall not be considered members of the National ASDP and thus will have no benefits at the National level.

2.  “Friends” shall be considered members of the Chapter and thus be entitled to participate in all Chapter functions at member rates.

3.  “Friends” shall not be entitled to vote in Chapter elections but may nominate members for Board positions.

4.  “Friends” may assist Board or committee members in their functions as approved by the Board.

5.  The deadline for renewing as a “Friend” shall be Jan. 31st.

6.  "Friends shall pay a fee of $105 for membership in the Chapter.  This fee consists of $35 for Chapter membership and $70 for "Friend" status.

7.   If a person wishes to join as a “Friend” anytime in the year other than January, the fee will not be prorated.  However, if they join after October 1, then their membership shall extend through the following year.

8.   A person may renew as a “Friend” indefinitely or until this policy is revised.

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